Amanda and Cameron 9/8/2007

 I wanted to wish my assistant Amanda Copeland and her husband Cameron a belated 5 year wedding anniversary. It’s funny how people come into your life. Many come into my life and I am fortunate to meet many and to be a part of their lives. I remember when Cameron and Amanda had selected MMDJS for their wedding and talked about how honored I was to be part of their wedding day celebration. Amanda had mentioned how fun it must be to do what I do and if I needed any help…give her a call. I told her to be careful what you wish for. I am glad she did. She became my assist and the same year she married Cameron at The Vecoma at Yellow River here in Georgia in September of 2007.

Amanda became not only my assistant and a friend but, a sister I never had. She knows how important she is to me both professional and personally. I am very proud of her as a professional in the diamond industry, a dedicated wife, and awesome mom to their daughter Isabella, and a spark to everyone she meet when she smiles. I could have not asked for a better assistant, and a best friend!

Recently, I was married in March of this year in which Amanda and Cameron were in attendance. To me, this was special to Audrey and I. Amanda knew me when I was dating and I was always asking Amanda “what do you think?”. She said it wasn’t what she thought but what was in my heart. I would always have a “but” with some of my dates. When it came to Audrey…there was no “but”. Amanda, thank you for reminding me that there was “the woman” out there for me and that when I wasn’t looking, she would be there. Thanks sis!

So that I don’t get too off track…everyone please raise your glasses and toast our 5 year anniversary couple. Happy Anniversary!

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