Client Raves

3/6/12 Dear Mike:

   One last time, your entertainment at Laura and Brett’s wedding Saturday night was unbelievable.   The word I kept using all night to describe you was a true “PROFESSIONAL”.   You orchestrated the evening marvelously and everyone followed your lead.

Here’s to a job well done and best wishes on “YOUR” upcoming big day.

Kindest regards:

Craig & Diane Trapani

Brett & Laura Ayres 3/3/2012


good morning!!!

Heyy Mike!!

Well we are home. We had a great time and I wanted just to let you know how much we appreciate everything you did on our wedding day. You made it truly a wonderful day for us. You are awesome!

Cant wait to hear how everything went last weekend for you. You’ll have to let me know. I am on pins and needles.

I know I am just another bride and the whole wedding planning thing was a new thing for me, but let me know if ya need anything.

Hope to talk to ya soon. You have become more than just some DJ, you became a great friend.

Jenn (Jenn and Blaire 5/21/2011 Wedding – Chateau Élan)




I wanted to personally thank you for all your hard work yesterday. It was a pleasure getting to meet you and work with you!

The event raised more than $56,000 and the Cumming community was so excited to be “stars behind bars” for MDA. Because of your help and support, our event was definitely “Oscar-worthy!”

Again, thank you so much for your help! J

Leigh Harris

Fundraising Coordinator

Muscular Dystrophy Association

2175 Northlake Parkway

Suite 144, Building 4

Tucker, GA 30084

770-621-9800 (phone)

770-934-6183 (fax)



What percentage of Mike’s Mobile DJ Service contributed to the success of your event and why?

100%. My husband and I had a blast at our reception, as did our guests. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been told “That was by far the most fun reception I’ve ever attended!”


What memory of Mike Jones’s performance stands out as your favorite?

My favorite moment was when my husband and I were introduced into our reception and we made our way on the dance floor. The energy in the room was amazing and all of our guests were standing and clapping. When I looked over at Mike, he waved at me and had a look on his face that said:

“We’re all here; let’s have the best party ever!” Jennifer and Rob 4-21-2007


MIKE JONES!! we are back…and with that said, TJ and I would both like to say THANK YOU again, I don’t think we can say it enough! Your name must have come up almost every day on the honeymoon because we kept reliving our reception, and we both agree that you made it so kick ass and so much fun!! It went by way too fast but we have many fun memories to look back on! Thanks for everything you did for us, it was so great and so special! Basically we are in love with you! I cant tell you how many people came up to me at the reception and asked me, “MK, where in the hell did you find this DJ?” So you may have some of our friends become potential clients, ha ha. But seriously, everyone loved you and everyone agreed it would be a hard act to follow! Anyways, things are beginning to settle down, and TJ and I were wondering if we could take you to dinner within the next couple of weeks? We are pretty flexible so whatever works for you, we could invite Lori (Lori Jones Special Event Coordinator /, ha! I hope you are doing great and we look forward to hearing from you!! Thanks again!! 

MK and TJ’s_Georgia_Wedding_Alpharetta_Athletic_Club.htm


7/30/07 You were the D.J. at my daughter Jenna’s wedding to Jeff Stine — remember

the tent in the back yard?

Anyway, I just went to another wedding. And in comparison– there was no

comparison. You did a great job, and the other wedding just made that more


Tammy Nevins – Mother of the Bride


Hi Mike,   My husband John and myself would like to thank you for a great time. The kids really enjoyed it. We just wanted Michelle to have a very memorable 16th Birthday, and I believe she did. Mission accomplished!  We will certainly recommend you for other celebrations our friends may have. Many of the guests asked where I found you,  so hopefully you may get some other functions to work.   Thanks again,                Michelle’s Sweet Sixteen 12-1-06   John and Kelly McAloon  


As the father of the bride, what was most important to me for a successful reception was for everyone to enjoy themselves and have a great time. Mission Accomplished(!) thanks to you. Your professionalism and energy was contagious throughout the evening. Pat and I could not have asked for any better entertainment than we experienced with Mike’s Mobile DJ Service! I knew it was successful when I saw all of the guests having a great time and also when my 84 year young aunt stated that this was the best reception she had ever attended. From the first time Emily and Pat met with you, your organization, planning and true interest in their wishes was apparent. The ability for the wedding party to participate by selecting music requests on your website made everyone feel as if they had a part in the success of the reception. I certainly hope that I will have occasion to use your services again and I would certainly recommend Mike’s Mobile DJ Service to anyone who wants to be guaranteed of a successful event!

Sincerely, Mike Mosgovoy Emily’s father


Mike,   Chris and I had a great time at the reception! You are unparalleled in your professionalism and charm. You would not believe how many people have told us that they loved you…Not the food, a few compliments on the décor, but everybody loved you J . You were able to capture what we wanted and what our family & friends wanted too. We can not thank you enough for helping make our wedding day special.   While we are waiting for our pictures from the photographer, we have been able to tell people that our pics are on your website. Again, they love it and we love it!! We rate your service in EBay terms as A++++++++++++ (referencing the best man’s toast).     Cathy & Chris


 Event Date: Sunday, September 10, 2006 Event Type: Wedding Reception Event Location: Piedmont Room Event Staff: Ashly Cox     Quality of Customer Service via Telephone: Excellent Quality of Customer Service via Internet: Excellent Quality of Customer Service at Event: Excellent Friendliness of your Entertainer: Excellent Promptness of your Entertainer: Excellent Professionalism of your Entertainer: Excellent Entertainer’s Performance: Excellent Entertainer’s Appearance: Excellent System Appearance: Excellent Sound Quality: Excellent Overall Volume Levels: Excellent Music Selection: Excellent Incorporation of Your Requests: Excellent Lighting Effects: Excellent Equipment Appearance: Excellent Overall Customer Service: Excellent Planning Assistance: Excellent Entertainer’s Cooperation with Other Vendors: Excellent Overall Performance Rating: Excellent     Is there anything specific that can be improved upon? None that I can think of! Additional comments or suggestions? Everything was absolutely perfect! I love the way you run your business, all the way from the client meetings to the last dance! I would be happy to be a reference for anyone inquiring about your services!     Would you recommend this service to others? Yes May your comments be shared with others? Yes May your name be added to a list of references? Yes     Your Name: Ally and Kevin Your Email: Your Phone Number(s): 404-433-3438


  Dear Mike,

  First of all I would like to thank you for the great job that you did at Ally and Kevin’s wedding. As you are aware, the DJ could either make or break the reception.  You are the best!   Ally and Kevin couldn’t say enough great things about you. As a business owner, I know what it means for a person to take pride in their work. I have seen other DJ’s come to formal events dressed very poorly and not get the crowd going. I really like the added touches that you provide. Keep up the great work.   Thanks again,   Richard Malin (Father of the Bride 9/10/06)  


  Dear Mike: I want to thank you for helping to make Monica and Mike’s wedding such a wonderful day. We all had a great time and the pictures are wonderful. I have sent your web site to all our friends and family. What is really nice is that I could send the people who could not come to the wedding pictures so soon … especially my step-mom in Tucson.  I also appreciate the compliment you gave to our photographer .. Virginia … I’m not sure who worked harder you or her. I also want to thank your wife .. she is wonderful … you make a great team. Please give our name as a reference … you did a great job. Ellen and Mike – Parents of the Bride  Mike and Monica’s Wedding  


Check it out!  New married name email 🙂  Last weekend was absolutely FAN – TASTIC!!!  I had soo much more fun than I was planning on!  If you want me to write up a rec I will sing your praises from here to kingdom come.  The pics are so awesome too.  It looks like it was the party of the century, and it was to me.  Thank you for all that you did.  Everyone has told me how much fun they had and they keep thanking me for inviting them because they had such a good time.  It was great, you were great. Thank you thank you thank you!  I loved every minute of it 🙂 (Lindsey Kirk (Bride) 9-24-05 Wedding at Roswell Mill

  Lindsey Kirk 🙂 and she did my praises…at


 So many people have come up to me after my wedding and have told me that my wedding was the most fun wedding they have ever been to and I owe a large part of that to Mike. He played the best mix of music that appealed to everyone at my reception, young and old alike. The pictures from my reception that are on his web page speak for themselves. There isn’t one photo that doesn’t illustrate how much fun we all had. Mike met with us three times leading up to our event and he really took the time to get to know us. By the time our day rolled around, I felt like one of my good friends was our DJ, not some vendor I had hired. He handled all the details of the reception, managed our time for us, told us when to be where. Everything went off without a hitch and we didn’t have to worry about a thing because Mike took care of us. If you want the reception of your dreams, give Mike a call. He was my favorite vendor and by far the most integral part of our reception!

Reviewed By: Lindsey Kirk, Woodstock Wedding Date: September 24th, 2005 Review Date: 1/18/2006



I continue to get many ‘thank you’s’ and positive comments about the pool party last weekend. The kids are asking if we’ll do it again and if you’ll be able to come back. They really connected with you and your music/ activity selection. The adults were so pleased to see the ‘tweens” and teens having such a good time, and that the event was a success. I am confident that the board of directors will be excited about this becoming an annual event now. Thanks again for your efforts and we hope you’ll return for future pool events.

Best regards, Jack Alexander


Hi Mike,

  Thank you for Saturday.  You and Tricia were awesome!  Stephanie and I could not be more pleased.  You had the crowd going nonstop the entire event.  Everything was so obviously thought out with so much concern for all of our guests.  Everyone from our youngest to our oldest had a blast!  That is not an easy accomplishment.  Your attention to detail and your ability to keep everything on schedule is incredible.  Stephanie loved her big teddy bear!  That was a very nice touch.  I have received so many compliments and positive feedback that all center around you and you efforts.  We will definitely be using you again, and you can count on me for referrals.  I will fax over your survey today.  Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job Mike.   Very truly yours,   Robert S. Payne (Groom) 3/26/05 Wedding at Chateau Élan’s_Wedding_Reception.htm Comments below made to all of the friends and family …

Mike’s Mobile DJ Service kicked butt! Mike Jones and his assistant Tricia Darnell did a fantastic job and made the evening so much fun. As far as I can tell by all of the feedback, Mike made 110 new friends on Saturday night! Stephanie loves her big teddy bear that Mike surprised her with underneath our table. It was very unexpected and she loved it! Mike also graciously posted pictures of the wedding on his website! Check out the photos by going to and then clicking on Photos. If you need to reach Mike or just want to thank him, you can email him at

Robert S. Payne (Groom) 3/26/05 Wedding at Chateau Élan’s_Wedding_Reception.htm

Mike, you did an awesome job at Stephies wedding, thanks sooo much, these pictures are terrific also.  You got the whole place up there dancing, I even saw some of the older generation up there shaking their bootys, and was pleasantly surprised to see some of them doing that. Thanks again for making her wedding that much better.  She was a beautiful bride ha??? Sandy’s_Wedding_Reception.htm  

Rating Explanation: Mike was the more fun that any other DJ that we have seen at a wedding. He really gave us peace of mind and we didn’t have to worry about anything. His style was original and he went out of his way to make us and our family feel special. I would highly recommend Mike to all of our friends and relatives!!

Reviewed By: PJ and Karen Powell Wedding Date: October 23, 2004 Review Date: 11/23/2004                     Survey from 


Mike!! I cannot thank you enough. You helped make Dan’s party a success!! What you did Saturday night meant the world to me and Dan. You worked your butt off it showed, everything went perfect and you will get a lot of business from it. You truly are an excellent DJ. I hope you know how special you are to me. Thank you so much for everything. Look at me, I am sitting at the computer crying because you did so much for me and don’t want anything in return. You are a wonderful person and man, and that is why you are one of my best friends!!! Thank you!!! Love, Danielle’s_40th.htm  

Rating: Company Name: Mike’s Mobile DJ Service Type of Business: Disc Jockeys Contact: Mike Jones Address: P.O.Box 490517  City: Lawrenceville State: Georgia Phone: 770-945-2621 Web Site:

Rating Explanation: I would pick Mike over and over again, if I could have another wedding!! He is amazing. I think he drove to our house literally 5-6 times before the wedding for meetings just to discuss this or that!! He is very high energy, and exactly what we were looking for in a DJ. He truly gets personally involved in every event he does, and that’s what makes him stand out. We knew in the first couple minutes of meeting with him that we wanted him to be our DJ. Mike is THE BEST, and I couldn’t even begin to say enough about him!!!

Reviewed By: Tanya and Steve, Atlanta Wedding Date: September 5, 2004 Review Date: 9/30/2004                       Survey from

  Thanks for sharing the pictures of the reception. You did a great job at entertaining us & kept things going during the evening. The music was great! Mike & Debbie Sullivan

Mike, I have talked to so many of the guests and they all had a great time, loved the music and felt you keep everyone up dancing and enjoying themselves at the reception. Thanks so much for all you did to make the night very special for everyone. Ann Adamczak (Mother of the Birde)  

Hello Mike,   I just wanted to send a belated thank you for everything you did to make our reception a success, from the great music to lighting the candles!  We had a wonderful time celebrating with all of our friends and family and were just so happy with the way everything went.  Also it’s been nice to have some photos up on your website to show people since we haven’t gotten the official ones back yet.   Thank you, Jen Yance Mashburn (Bride) Mike, What a fantastic job you did in making this truly a memorable event on Ashley and Ernie’s day.  Thanks for your hard work in keeping things moving and fun for everyone in attendance.   Ernie and Nancy Born Parents of Ernie born (Wedding Reception for Ashley and Ernie) Hi Mike– I wanted to say Kudos to you again for another fabulous wedding reception!! We had such a wonderful time dancing and enjoying the music at K and K’s wedding. The music was great and you as always were fantastic making sure everyone was having such a great time. Travis and I wanted to say a special THANK YOU for thinking of us and playing our song for a special dance. It really meant a lot to us and really showed us what a wonderful person you are. We are so thankful we found you to be a part of our special day and for you to remember that really says so much more than words can express. Again thanks for another great show and for thinking of us! Take care.   


Again, Thank you for making Meghan’s party so special. Everyone had a blast. We received a lot of positive feedback. I want to give you our home email address if you do not have it. It is

Please forward any info you might have about the party. Again thank you for a memorable experience for all.

Ed Fitzgerald

Kristin, Travis and Isabella Freeman (Kristen and Kevin’s Wedding Reception 1-31-04)


 (Kristen and Kevin’s Wedding Reception 1-31-04)

Mike, Hi. This is Meredith King, the matron of honor at Kristen and Kevin’s wedding. I wanted to thank you for doing such a WONDERFUL job at their wedding!! I just finished looking at the pictures on your website (have you thought about incorporating photography in to your business?!!) and I wanted to let you know how Speaking for everyone who was there, you really made the reception perfect. I will be sure to tell everyone I know about this great DJ I know!! Thank you again.

Meredith King (Kristen and Kevin’s Wedding Reception 1-31-04)

 Mike! (New as of 6/13/03)

Thank you for all you did for us during our wedding. You made it a very special event. Your organization, personalization, and presentation was unmatched! So many people commented on what a great DJ we had & I have give already given your website out several times…click here for more   Thank You Again & Keep in Touch (Helen and Daniel 5/24/03 Reception)  

Great Job Mike! (New as of 5/1/03) Reception with you at the helm with the tunes and Anthony doing the photo’s was a riot!  Props to you on a great job and a cool website for us to come back to and view the fun we had that day.   Dan S.  

Mike, (New as of 5/1/03) Just want to give you a BIG THANKS for the job that you did at our reception — it is 2 weeks after the wedding and everyone is still talking about how much fun they had.  They are saying “It was the BEST party that they have ever been to!”, “I have never seen EVERYBODY, at a party, have such a good time.”, “If anybody that was there did not have a good time, it was there own fault”, “When’s the next party?”.  What else can I say but it was AWESOME. It will be pretty hard to ever top it.  I hope that some day I get to go to another party that you are doing — FABULOUS!!  YOU ARE THE BEST. Deanna (mom) Hi there Mike, (New as of 3/11/03)

We just got back from St. Lucia and could not wait to email you and thank you for an incredible job. You knew exactly what our guest wanted and got everyone involved in the fun. Not only that, thank you for EVERYTHING, organizing, following through and being a sociable, fun guy whom we all love! You went above and beyond the call of duty and made everything so easy.

All of our guest have commented about your wonderful personality and professionalism.  I HIGHLY recommend that people not waste there time with any other service in Atlanta, MMDJS is the ONLY choice!!!!!!

All our thanks,

Rod & Traci

Crooked Creek Country Club, Alpharetta, Ga.

3-1-03 Wedding Reception for Rod and Traci @ Crooked Creek Country Club


Hey Mike,       Wanted to say Thanks for your superb job as a DJ, listener, Coordinator, and pretend Minister. You did more then expected and helped our Daughters wedding and reception turn out great. We really wish we could come up with another party soon, just because you gave us such a great time. We all gave you thumbs up! Everyone was talking about how much fun they had for weeks. Sorry it took so long to get back. Thanks again, Christine Burger Mother of Bride 7-14-02 Wedding Reception for Melinda and Mitch @ Killian Hall  Hey Mike! Mom just sent me the web site and it looks great! Thanks again for everything! People are still talking about our reception and how much fun they had. I just recently got more pictures back and my first thought was, “Dad can we do this again?”  He said NO!!! hahaha We were recently at the UGA game and as we were leaving we threw in our wedding CD and listened to the Fight Song! A few people looked at us like we were crazy! 🙂 Thanks for that CD! We really enjoyed ourselves and just wanted to thank you for all your time and extra effort put in to the whole thing. You come so highly recommended from us. Take Care and drop me a note when you can. Kerry (Sawyer) Carithers! 9-7-02 Wedding Reception for Kerry and Rec @ The Crooked Creek Golf Course 

Mike was very personable. It was like we were old friends working together. He took the time to set down with us and prepare the perfect music for a wonderful day. We are very thankful that Mike could be part of our day and help to provide a beautiful background for the day. Everyone had a fantastic time at the reception. We are still getting compliments on the DJ and the music. Everyone enjoyed themselves at the event and the music and Mike were a huge part of that. The Respect and Soul Man events were a definite crowd pleaser!!! 6-8-02 Wedding Reception for Kristen and Travis @ Roswell Mill 

Hi Mike,

  Now that we are trying to get back to normal, just wanted to let you know that we were pleased with MMDJS, and we (Kerry & Rec too) will be glad to be put on your reference list. Also, Crooked Creek Golf Club (***-***-****, ext. *** )would like to have you on their vendor list. Also thanks again for my special CD. We’ve had some people comment that have never been to a reception that was so very personalize, and they enjoyed it! I’m curious if you will include with your web site, that you will arrange music to poems, etc.? I can see that working for other parties-retirements-birthdays, anniversaries, etc…..   Thanks again.   Helen & Tom   P.S. Kerry did talk to me later about…”so you knew Mike!!!” So we told her about our meeting and numerous phone calls and e-mails. Since she remembers so very little because the evening just flew by, I plan on giving her a copy of the CD and poem. And, to think that she and Rec kept telling us that they would leave the reception about 11:00! As you saw, they did not want to leave when you announced that it was over! Helen and Tom – 9-7-02 Wedding Reception for Kerry and Rec @ The Crooked Creek Golf Course (NEW) Our middle school students were extremely pleased with the music selection and the interaction with the DJ Mike. DJ Mike’s Enthusiasm was evident throughout the event. Our teens who were there to chaperone talked about how much fun DJ Mike was and asked when he could come to their teen dances. Lynn – Youth Minister  middle school dance 5-10-02 @ St. Oliver Plunkett Catholic Church 

Mike, Thank you so much! Having a DJ that is a personal friend of both of us was a wonderful experience! And I thank you for being helpful and cooperative and doing the reception “My Way”!! Thanks Jennifer and Todd 9-21-01 Wedding Reception @ The Smyrna Community Center

MMDJS were very accommodating throughout the evening. They really catered to the crowd and were willing to make announcements when needed. The music selection was outstanding, and we had a blast! Robin – 10-13-02 60th Birthday Party / Braselton GA. Residence

MMDJS is so easy to work with, they go with the flow. We didn’t have the whole night planned. MMDJS made it work! We have used MMDJS the past two years, and will continue to do so for all of our entertainment needs. Christy – Christmas Party / Hale Aircraft @ The Atlanta Hilton 12-7-01

Mike, We thought you did a great job! Very professional and did a great job with all the guests. We received many compliments from our guests…just wish the reception could have continued longer. Erin and Yusuf 11-3-01 Wedding Reception @ The Trolley Barn

Everyone was shocked when they were told that all the prizes and gifts were brought and purchased by you! I was so glad that you were able to get everyone involved. We had several employees who said they had never danced before that night. GREAT JOB!!! Everyone had a great time and you made it happen…Thanks Amy / Christmas Party / Quantum National Bank @ The 1818 Club

Mike, Congratulations for a job well done at our New Years Eve Party. We all had a great time and you did a wonderful job! I would highly recommend anyone considering hiring a DJ for a party, to hire Mike. He strives to do a good job and sees that  everyone has a good time. Thanks Mike! Ronnie – New Years Eve Party @ The Amberley Suite Hotel Norcross, Georgia 12-31-01

Mike, We had a great time on Saturday at the Glenayre Party. You did a great job, and we had a blast! Alana – Glenayre Electronics Christmas Party @ The Chateau Elan Braselton, Georgia 12-1-01

We really enjoyed working with Mike. He is very easy to talk to and he went above and beyond what most services would have done. My husband was very hesitant to use a DJ due to past experiences. When mike learned this he drove out and addressed all of our concerns and exceeded our expectations. He even took digital pictures at the wedding and sent them to us! We would recommend Mike to anyone for any event and will do so in the future. Amber and Jarrette 10/20/01 Wedding Reception @ Whitewater Golf and Country Club

Mike, You made the entire night better. You even played the Spanish requests and kept us laughing all night long! The music was great and everybody loved it. Everything was perfect, and I loved the twister! Lindsay – Johnson Industries Team PK Outing 7/20-21/01 @ Lake Lanier, Georgia

Mike, You did my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary on June 16th. All I can say is THANKS!!! Because of you, the party was as good as it could get! You made for a lot of great memories and your props were just too much!! I cannot remember having so much fun, especially with family around – you made it so easy for everyone to let loose! Consider yourself booked for my next event! Thanks again for a job well done! Becky, Cartersville, GA 6/16/01 Parents 40th Anniversary Party

Mike, It was such a pleasure meeting you and having you DJ our event. Thank you so very much for all your hard work and your kindness towards me and my family. Hopefully we can do it again soon. We all had a wonderful time and you really contributed to that. Will certainly let you know ASAP about Lauren’s birthday. Thanks again! Sheila, 6/16/01 Parents 40th Anniversary Party

Hi Mike, We’re back from the honeymoon and wanted to say thanks for a terrific job at the reception. We were pleased and I appreciate you attentiveness to me… all I had to do was look in your direction and we could determine if we were picking up the pace or slowing it down. Please tell you wife hello and thanks also!!! You guys are a great team. take care Pamela, 6/9/01 Wedding Reception

Hello Mike, I want to thank you and your wife again for a great job Saturday afternoon at the wedding reception. I must admit that I had reservations about the services of a “DJ” for a reception, but you certainly changed my mind! I very much admired your organizational skills that were so clearly evident and the degree to which you tried to do just exactly what Pamela wanted. Your promptness in responding our calls and e-mail letters indicated your willingness to do business in a timely and efficient manner. The three times you met with us, you never gave any indication that you were not willing “to go the extra mile” to please us. You are always prepared and on time. We enjoyed meeting your wife and she is truly an asset to your business. Best wishes for your continued success! Gaylan, Mother of the Bride / Pamela, 6/9/01 Wedding Reception

Mike, Wayne and I wanted to forward some pictures from the reception, and thank you again foe a wonderful job! You definitely made the party happen! If we can ever serve as a reference, please don’t hesitate to call! Best Wishes! Wayne and Beth,  5/12/01 Wedding Reception

Dear Mike, Thank you so much for the Emcee of our Mother / Daughter Dance. You helped make our event a great one! I think all of the attendees loved your music and talents. You made our evening special. On behalf of the girls of Troop 5090 we want to thank you so much. Michele, Chairperson of Spring 3/10/01 Mother/Daughter Event and the girls of Troop 5090

Dear Mike, Thank You – Thank You – Thank You! You did a great job at our middle school Mardi Gras Dance! The kids on Sunday talked non- stop about how much fun they had and how cool the DJ was! The adults also thought you were so creative with all the games and interaction you had with the kids! Thanks again for an outstanding show! Lynn 02/10/01 middle school dance

“It was more than we expected. Our money was well spent. If you need a DJ, Mike is the one! All I did was tell Mike the kind of music we wanted and with our selections and his knowing what we wanted, the music was great. We danced all night!” Ron and Juanita 01/06/01 wedding reception

“Mike has the ability to break the ice, and to enhance participation of the audience. He integrates games and activities that bring the best out of everyone attending the event.” Jacqueline / Director of Human Resources Johnson Industries Norcoss, Georgia

“Of course I enjoyed everything Mr. Jones! You made my wedding fun. My husband and I really appreciate you being there. I look forward to seeing you and your wife again. I may need your help next year…feel up to it?” Christine

“The prompt and professional service we have received from Mike and his company is both appreciated and refreshing. Mike can provide the music and the entertainment for any kind of event. Johnson Industries will continue to use this company based upon the reliability and “can do” attitude they have always showed in the past” Kirsten / Executive Marketing Assistant Johnson Industries Norcross, Georgia

“As soon as I met Mike, I felt like I had known him for many years. He is very friendly and professional. We wouldn’t use anybody else.” Tammy / Dickinson Fleet.

“Dear Mr. Jones…We at America’s Most Beautiful Pageant systems would like to give our thanks to you and your company for the exceptional job you did at our recent Miss Gwinnett County pageant. Your professional expertise helped make this pageant an elegant and well-produced production. We received many compliments on your roll as M.C. and audio supervisor. Also we raised several thousand dollars for the Make A Wish Foundation of North Georgia and Greater Atlanta, without your help, this would not have been possible. Again, we give our deepest thanks. Sincerely, Conda / AMB 

“Dear Mr. Jones I would like to make a couple of complaints. Our Company Christmas party was a great success, everyone enjoyed the music and dancing. What I am upset about is the work that I am not completing, do to the amount of people asking when are next party is scheduled. Everyone is demanding that we have the same DJ. We where very pleased with your services, but not satisfied with the amount of time we had booked you. In the future, we hope to book you for double the time for every company function. Thank you for such a good job at our party. “Dollar for dollar the best DJ in Atlanta!” Sincerely, Rick,  Function Coordinator ” –CCI, Cumming, Georgia 

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