Happy Thanksgiving from MMDJS!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I want to thank all that have selected my services throughout the years. I have truly been blessed to meet so many wonderful people who have allowed me the honor to be part of their celebrations and continue to choose me to make a memorable moment for them. As we take time with our families and loved ones…remember the ones that could not make be with us today. I remarked on Facebook today that my friends are also my family and how important they are in my life and how they, along with family have helped me along my journey in life. This last March I celebrated with friends and family my marriage to a woman who I knew the first day we met…I was going to marry her. Today, I celebrated my first Thanksgiving with my wife and her parents her in Georgia. I wish you all the same joy that I have celebrated today. Enjoy each and every moment with loved ones as we visit them over the holiday weekend. Again from all of us at MMDJS…Happy Thanksgiving!

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